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To receive a girlfriend ?

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Question: To receive a girlfriend ?
If the single for 2 years plus can’t discover a girlfriend inside the city we reside inside if you move to a different nation? Plus im 18 years of age.

Answer by Christine
no, we dont should move to a different nation to receive a girlfriend


  • Sometimes I hate to say I love my girlfriend. I’m sleeping over at her and she getting texts at 2:40am not pm but am!! Why is she getting them this time why and who the hell might be texting her?

    I ain’t asked her cause I don’t wanna seem like I care even if I do. honestly I don’t like her getting texted at this time of day. Don’t wanna be controlling hence I’m asking. What should I do.

  • and she is unemployed for 2008, will she owe that money next year?

  • I have only received a new girlfriend today!!! And I think she is loosing interest in me, this paranoia of mine keeps getting worse as time goes on and every time I get a new girlfriend keeps getting activated sooner!!! What should I do? I have paranoia’s of her loosing interest and flirting with other boys that started from past expierances!!

  • Ik this sounds like one of those sope apra things but it’s tru my best friend hates my girlfriend (this happened before we were going out)
    They got in a fight (Verbal not literal) and now they hate eachother i’m basically just looking for advice on wat i should do

  • What kind of gift would you like your girlfriend to give you on your birthday?

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